Who We Are

United Against Child Abuse and Human Trafficking

While it is not easy to determine the magnitude of Child Abuse and Neglect in Mongolia, it is substantial. According to UNICEF, violence against Mongolian children remains extremely high, with 47% of children aged 1-14 having experienced violent disciplines. That’s almost one out of two children reported experiencing some form of child abuse or neglect during their childhood.

However, the official cases only tell a part of the story, as many (if not most) incidents are never reported to social services agencies or law enforcements. Without intervention, these children are more susceptible to become victims of violence, neglect, human trafficking, or even abusers themselves. That’s why Lantuun Dohio was established.

About Us

Lantuun Dohio USA is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to eradicate human trafficking and protect children from violence, neglect, abuse, and exploitation in Mongolia and around the world. We envision a world in which every child can grow up healthy and happy.

Since 2016, our staff members and trained volunteers have been working hard to keep two Child Protection and Development Centers called Magic Mongolia open 7 days a week. The centers are located in Mongolia’s run-down neighborhoods, where rates of domestic violence, alcoholism, unemployment, and crimes are very high. Through Magic Mongolia 1 and 2, we provide protection, temporary shelter, and direct social services to keep traumatized children safe and help them heal.

We also partner with professional service providers, law enforcement agencies, and other community organizations to raise public awareness, affect systemic changes, and increase the number of culturally relevant resources for Mongolians all around the world. 

Our History

In 2012 after meeting with a father of a human­ trafficking victim, our founder, Ganjavkhlan Chadraabal (Jack) was shocked to find out that human trafficking existed in Mongolia, and he was determined to fight against human trafficking by bringing public attention to this unspoken, taboo subject.

Founding Members of Lantuun Dohio Mongolia

In spite of denials that such problems exist, Lantuun Dohio has uncovered proof that human trafficking and forced prostitution are prevalent in Mongolia through its undercover investigations since 2013. According to the 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report from the U.S. Department of State, Mongolia is a source, transition, and destination country. Unfortunately, Mongolian women and young girls are the most vulnerable to inhumane crimes. In 2015, Lantuun Dohio went undercover in Er Liang, China, a border city, and documented that about 250-300 Mongolian women work as prostitutes in Er Liang city on any given day. Many of them are 14-17 year old children. During the Chinese holiday season, this number increases to about 800 to 1000.

The team learned through experience that about 90% of the perpetrators of human trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse are men and about 90% of the organizations that fight against these issues are led by women. We have realized this imbalance and believes that men are needed to show their support to protect their women and children from human trafficking. In this effort, he led a group of men to initiate Lantuun Dohio NGO in Mongolia.

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