Our Team

Delgertsogt Manaljav

Delgertsogt Manaljav is the President and Executive Director of Lantuun Dohio USA NPO. As an avid philanthropist and humanitarian, Delgertsogt has always volunteered his time in the community and at nonprofit organizations who aim to better society in real and tangible ways. He has dedicated himself to the fight for the rights of vulnerable women and children who are most susceptible to becoming victims of human-trafficking and/or abuse. Delgertsogt is also the CEO and founder of Pyramid Granite, LLC, one of the leading granite fabricator and installer companies in the northern Virginia area. In part to his long-lasting active involvement in the community and his wide ranging network, he has been vital in raising awareness of the issues that are fundamental to Lantuun Dohio across the Mongolian community and beyond. Delgertsogt serves as board member of the Washington D.C. Area Mongolian Community Association and Mongolian Cultural Center.

Uyanga Batjargal

Uyanga Batjargal is the Chief Financial Officer of LanuunDohio USA. She currently works as an administrator at an intellectual property law firm in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Uyanga holds a Master’s degree in Accounting from Strayer University and Bachelor’s degree in German Studies from Mongolian State University. She has an extensive experience in business administration, accounting and human resources. Before joining our team, she supported LantuunDohio from inception and is one of our first Magic Brothers and Sisters. Besides her financial duties, Uyanga also actively participates and represents LantuunDohio at Project PEACE in Arlington County, VA. She is passionate about fighting against child and domestic abuse and human trafficking.

Bolormaa Tumurbat

As a Chief Operating Officer for Lantuun Dohio, Bolor is responsible for managing the operations and financial strategy for Lantuun Dohio USA. As a member of the management team, she oversees financial planning, budgeting, operations, and cash flow projections. She started working for Lantuun Dohio in 2016, and her prior experience includes working in both nonprofit and profit sectors focusing on finding efficiencies in financial reporting, maintaining effective internal controls, and contributing to the development of systems and streamlining of work practices. Bolor holds an MBA degree from Marymount University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Brigham Young University – Idaho. She is also a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in Virginia.

Michael Tumurbaatar (Khishigbayar)

Michael Tumurbaatar is the visionary Chief Technology Officer who has been at the helm of technological innovation since the inception of our organization. With a keen eye for detail and a relentless drive for excellence, he oversees all aspects of our tech landscape, from the seamless maintenance of our website to the strategic development of donor infrastructure.

A serial entrepreneur with a penchant for groundbreaking ventures, Michael’s entrepreneurial journey spans numerous startups in the United States. As the co-founder of Usashop.mn, an ecommerce platform revolutionizing cross-border trade between the United States and Mongolia, he has spearheaded a movement to make global commerce more accessible and efficient. Under his leadership, Usashop.mn has expanded its reach with ventures like Japanshop.mn, propelling the company towards its ambitious goal of establishing an interconnected ecommerce platform bridging Asia and America. Michael’s innovative spirit is matched only by his unwavering commitment to social justice. His dedication to addressing societal inequalities has driven him to lead impactful projects and initiatives, transcending borders to make a tangible difference in communities both in the United States and Mongolia.
With a blend of creativity, strategic insight, and a relentless pursuit of social good, Michael Tumurbaatar continues to inspire and shape the future of technology and social change.

Ankhbayar Sukhmaa

Ankhbayar Sukhmaa currently works as a financial analyst at a real estate development and management company in Rockville, MD. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Financial Management from the University of Finance and Economics in Mongolia and is currently pursuing his MBA degree in Accounting from the Maharishi University of Management. Ever since he was a youth in Mongolia, Ankhbayar has been an active member of various community organizations and has been passionate about the betterment of youth and society. As a creative director and the board member of the Lantuun Dohio USA, Ankhbayar mostly works in the marketing, publishing, and designing side of the organization.

Nominsuren Munkhuu

Nominsuren Munkhuu is the Chief Program Director. She has been working in the nonprofit field for over five years, specializing in gender-based violence and anti-corruption fields. Throughout her professional career, she has worked with the innovative crowdfunding platform, grassroots organizations and development consulting firms. She currently works at the Asia Division of the American Bar Association’s Rule of Law Initiative where she supports anti-corruption, Internet freedom and anti-domestic violence programs in Southeast Asia and China. Nominsuren received her Master’s degree in Social Work with a concentration in Social and Economic Development from Washington University in St. Louis.


Enkh-Ochir is the Secretary of Lantuun Dohio USA. She currently works as a registered nurse at INOVA Alexandria Hospital after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Marymount University. In addition to taking care of her patients, she volunteers at the local fire department as an emergency medical technician. By being a part of Lantuun Dohio USA, she seeks to catalyze social change in Mongolia and a global fight against human-trafficking. With the combination of actionable compassion and altruism, Enkh-Ochir believes volunteers and supporters can take much needed action to bring positive change to at-risk communities in Mongolia and in the USA.

Azjargal Tsogtsaikhan

Azjargal is the Director of Public Affairs at Lantuun Dohio. As a full time position, She currently works as a Financial Analyst at a global tech company in New York City where with a group of colleagues and fellow community activists, she volunteers her time on various development initiatives for Mongolia. She earned her MBA degree from Brigham Young University and her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. In between her studies, she worked as a full-time volunteer for the Latin American community in San Fernando Valley, CA. Azjargal is passionate about solving public health, sustainability and social problems such as human trafficking, domestic violence and child abuse.

Geser Bat-Erdene

Geser Bat-Erdene serves as the Operations Coordinator and the Podcast Co-Host at Lantuun Dohio USA. He is a Financial Analyst at a Washington, D.C.-based mergers & acquisitions and financial advisory firm that specializes in working with digital advertising agencies, marketing, and communications firms. He earned a BBA degree in Finance and a minor in French from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Oyudari Baatartsogt

Oyudari started volunteering for Lantuun Dohio in 2017 and supports the non-profit’s the development and strategy efforts. Oyudari is passionate about fighting child abuse and providing the best possible future for children. She has professional experience working in various non-profit organizations that serve minority communities in the U.S. and refugees internationally. Currently, she works for a global public health consulting company. She has both a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in International Development from the University of Minnesota.

Batmunkh Enkhbold

Batmunkh Enkhbold serves as the Public Affairs Assistant of Lantuun Dohio USA. Currently, he is a junior undergraduate student at DePauw University pursuing a degree in Economics. In addition, he is also a sales associate at Pyramid Granite LLC, one of the leading granite fabricator and installer companies in the Northern Virginia area. Being a passionate volunteer, he has a demonstrated history of working with charitable organizations, such as Amnesty International and Capital Area Food Bank.

Tengis Dashmunkh

Tengis has been supporting Lantuun Dohio since 2018 as a voluntter. He currently leads Lantuun Dohio’s initiatives to combat online crimes against children. He earned his B.S. degree in Energy Engineering from UC Berkeley and is pursuing his M.S. in Cybersecurity at the Georgia Institute of Technology while working at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) as an engineer and software developer as of 2024.

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