What We Do

Our Approach

Our approach focuses on prevention, education, and advocacy. Within this approach, we aim to make positive changes at both the individual and family levels through direct social services, education, and public awareness programs. Building on the increased public awareness and mass attention to the causes, Lantuun Dohio organizes social movement to change the social norm regarding human trafficking, child abuse, and domestic violence cases. Lantuun Dohio advocates for a better legal environment for protection of victims, preventative actions, rehabilitation services, accountability for perpetrators, and access to both effective civil and criminal remedies. Below are some of our accomplishments:

Although the Mongolian government has adopted and passed many laws on domestic violence, children’s rights, and child protection issues, the implementation and effectiveness of these laws are not satisfactory. According to the General Prosecutor’s office, between 2015 and 2016 there were 298 children who were sexually assaulted. Approximately 48% of those victims were assaulted by their family members or relatives. That’s where Lantuun Dohio come in.

We believe that a child who grows up in a loving and caring environment is less susceptible to become a victim of human trafficking and/or become an abuser. Therefore, our main approach is to work with children in vulnerable areas from very young ages and engrave self-worth and respect in their innocent minds before a dark shadow nests in it.


Through Prevention

Child Protection and Development Center in Bayankhoshuu - Magic Mongolia 1

Magic Mongolia 1 is a safe haven for children in need of protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation in Bayankhoshuu, one of the most polluted and underprivileged districts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The Center opens 7 days a week, providing temporary housing, counseling, and legal services to abused children until they are returned to safe conditions. We offer free kindergarten classes to children whose families cannot afford to pay and/or have no residential registration in Ulaanbaatar, which prevents them from being able to enroll their children in a kindergarten.

Additionally, the Center has on-site professionals to help the victims and their families find emotional healing and financial stability.

Click HERE to learn more about Magic Mongolia 1.

Child Protection and Development Center in Ulaanbaatar

Since the first Magic Mongolia Child Protection and Development Center was built 3 years ago, Lantuun Dohio’s team has had the vision to build the second center in another impoverished area of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia due to the increasing need of a community center for children to develop in a loving and safe environment. In 2019, Lantuun Dohio took a big step to acquire land in the Uliastai region for the Magic Mongolia Two Project (MM2). We began the project with a starting fund donated by Energy Resource LLC. MM2 was built with the love of thousands of individuals, volunteers, and many businesses that supported and donated to the project. The construction was completed in 2020 and MM2 opened doors to the children, youth, and families in the area at the beginning of the year.

$30 = 15 kids’ meals for 10 days



Together, let’s create a better tomorrow.

1. You make a donation

The simplest way to support our work is to make a financial contribution. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

2. We deliver your gift

100% of your donation goes straight to provide food, shelter, and educational programs to the children in need.

3. We break the cycle of abuse

With your support, we can continue our work to help abused and neglected children, support at-risk families in our community, and so much more.