Our Founder Jack honorably received JCI WORLD TOYP Award!

Ten outstanding young person of the world award ( TOYP) is given to ten young people who are bringing positive changes in the world. Since 1952, many famous people received this award such as Jackie Chan, Orson Welles, Howard Hughes, Nelson Rockefeller, John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Gerald Ford, and Benigno Aquino.

Previously, two Mongolians Zorig and Zoljargal have received Japan TOYP award from Japan. However, this year for the first time from Mongolia, Jack has received World TOYP award. The nominee’s first selected from their own country and then selected from more than 100 countries in the world.

The award honors and represents the amazing work of one person, his/her team, their organization and country. Today, our continuous effort and determination to fight against violence and protect our children through Lantuun Dohio Organization and Magic Mongolia Project have been recognized and valued in the world stage.

I am honored and proud to represent the work and support of Mongolians and JCI Mongolia.

I specially thank you for JCI Mongolia and its team for nominating me and preparing the content of our work for the competition.

After four flights to get here India, I attended the event with wholehearted respect and appreciation for all the people involved in my life and in the projects I throughly believe bringing a change in the society. The award ceremony was successful and I was proud to walk with my Mongolian flag in front of a hundred countries and Mongolians attending the event.

This award is for all who supported us in our journey. Together, we showed “Magic” can be created. Now let us create a bright society and bright future together.

May many more people receive this award from Mongolia!

Ganjavkhlan Chadraabal (Jack)

Founder of Lantuun Dohio NPO