Donation Management

Lantuun Dohio USA partners with Givebutter, a fundraising platform, to securely process your online donation using your preferred payment methods, such as Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, ACH, credit card, and more. To learn more, vIsit

Why is Givebutter showing on my statement?

  • All donations made to fundraising campaigns via the Givebutter platform are emailed a receipt and displayed on your payment method’s statement.
  • The transaction description begins with GIVEBUTTER * (campaign name). However, the campaign name may not appear in the charge description or get cut off due to the character limit. Because of this, you may not recognize the charge. We’d love to clarify any questions or concerns you have.

Can I donate anonymously?

  • Absolutely! You can choose to remain anonymous by checking the box that says “Hide my name or amount from public view” before completing your donation. You will still receive an automatically-generated receipt after donating.
  • Your information will always be shared with Lantuun Dohio USA, and any messages or images you add to your donation will always be displayed publicly. You can only hide your name and amount from public view.

How do I edit and manage my recurring donation?

  • Edit and manage your recurring plan and payment methods right from your User Profile (

How do I create a User Profile to manage my recurring plan?

  • If you do not have an account yet, start by heading to and signing up for an account!
  • Then click the link at the bottom of the Summary section in the email receipt you received for your last charge.

  • The first time you manage a donation you’ll want to click “Add this plan to my account” under Plan Details.

  • Then, click “Go to my Profile”. Once a plan is added, you’ll always see “Go to my Profile”. Your Profile can be found at anytime you’re logged into your Givebutter account.

How do I manage and edit my recurring plan?

  • Your recurring plan can be found at anytime you’re logged into your Givebutter account.
  • Click “Manage” in the Recurring Payments section for the donation you’d like to update then “Edit plan”.

You’ll have the option to update the following:

  • Payment amount
  • Payment frequency
  • Covering the processing fees and include a tip
  • Billing information
  • Payment method


How do I update the payment method for my recurring donation?

  • Navigate to the Payment Methods section and click “Manage” on the Method you’d like to update then “Edit payment method”.

  • To delete a Payment Method click “Manage” on the Method you’d like to delete then “Delete payment method”.
  • To add a new Payment Method click “Add New”.

How do I get a copy of my receipts?

  • Download a PDF version of your receipts from the Payment History section of your Profile (
  • Navigate to the Payment History section and click “View receipt” next to the desired transaction.

How do I cancel my recurring plan?

  • Click “Manage” in the Recurring Payments section for the donation you’d like to update then “Edit plan”.

How do I request a refund for my transaction?

  • If you’ve recently made a donation and would like to see if we can process a refund, please forward your email receipt to and let us know how you’d like your refund.

$30 = 15 kids’ meals for 10 days



Together, let’s create a better tomorrow.

1. You make a donation

The simplest way to support our work is to make a financial contribution. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

2. We deliver your gift

100% of your donation goes straight to provide food, shelter, and educational programs to the children in need.

3. We break the cycle of abuse

With your support, we can continue our work to help abused and neglected children, support at-risk families in our community, and so much more.