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Children & Family Wellbeing Program

While our above efforts focus on children in Mongolia, our ultimate goal is global impact, aligning with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, especially Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. To realize this, we actively lead and collaborate with like-minded organizations worldwide, striving for peaceful, inclusive societies and safeguarding children from violence, abuse, neglect, and trafficking. LD USA plays a pivotal role in achieving these objectives by initiating the Children and Family Wellbeing program within the U.S.

The National Center Against Violence of Mongolia has reported that domestic violence affects one in three Mongolian families, with women and their children constituting 90% of victims. Within this context, immigrants from Mongolia to the U.S. are at high risk, lacking knowledge and tools to prevent domestic violence and child abuse, while victims face difficulties in accessing community resources and support. 

Unfortunately, domestic violence and child abuse are often considered private family matters within many Asian households, including Mongolian households. Consequently, these issues remain invisible and unaddressed within Asian American communities. Studies indicate that Asian American women are less likely to report instances of domestic violence compared to individuals from other racial backgrounds. Fear, shame, language and cultural barriers, immigration status concerns, and economic hardships often deter victims from seeking help or contacting the authorities. 

LD USA is the only nonprofit organization that can bridge cultural gaps and linguistic barriers, offering services and resources in the native language of the Mongolian community in the U.S to prevent domestic violence and child abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Through our local Children and Family Wellbeing program, we aim to empower the community by promoting healthy family relationships and providing comprehensive services, including disseminating a quality of information and resources for both adults and children, raising public awareness, fostering a safe community, and advocating for victims.

We collaborate with various public and private organizations as active members of Arlington County’s Project PEACE Initiative. We also partner with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to utilize their educational materials addressing the specific needs of the Mongolian community. Additionally, we partner with Doorways, a local organization well-established in serving individuals and families in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. By addressing these critical issues head-on and tailoring interventions to the specific needs of the Mongolian community, we are positioned to make dramatic improvements in the lives of those we serve. 

We strategically designed the following prevention and advocacy activities to serve the Mongolian community in the USA, initially focusing in the Mongolia community of the greater Washington DC metropolitan area:

Adults Workshops: We organize culturally specific workshops tailored to the needs of individuals and families. By providing valuable insights into parenting skills, healthy family dynamics, and strategies for preventing domestic violence and child abuse, we aim to equip adults with knowledge and resources to protect children. 

Child and Youth Education: To empower children and youth with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves from online and offline threats, we facilitate discussions and educational sessions on topics related to both real and digital world safety.

Public Education & Awareness: To ensure that a wider audience gains access to crucial information, we translate and share educational materials through multiple platforms. Through targeted campaigns/events and community outreach, we engage the community, disseminate information, and encourage active participation in safeguarding our children. These efforts not only educate but also contribute to changing community attitudes and behaviors, thereby fostering safe environments for children.

Victim Advocacy: In collaboration with Doorways, we run an indirect helpline service to provide emotional and economic support to victims while connecting them to vital community resources and  interventions. By providing this support network, we directly contribute to the wellbeing and economic opportunities of individuals affected by violence and abuse.

Child Online Safety: We actively report groups posting inappropriate content, including child sexual abuse material and trafficking, to the NCMEC CyberTipline. By taking a proactive stance against online threats, we directly contribute to the safety and protection of children in our community.

Others activities: We host several annual events and celebrations to engage with our Mongolian community and further our mission. For the past few years, we have organized the “Annual Gala Dinner” at the year’s end to express our gratitude to all our supporters and donors, celebrate our accomplishments, and provide updates and reports of our achievements. Additionally, we arrange the “5K Runner” marathon within the nationwide Mongolian community to increase awareness and raise essential funds. Furthermore, we actively participate in various community events and activities, collaborating with diverse local organizations to combat human trafficking, child abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Lastly, we host the Lantuu Dohio USA podcast and maintain a blog to keep our community informed about our organization’s updates and activities.


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