Magic mongolia


Purpose: The purpose of Magic Mongolia is to create a SAFE HAVEN for children in need of protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Throughout its history, Lantuun Dohio has completed over 30 projects of various scales. Although successful, the projects have always been short-term. Magic Mongolia will be the first of its kind project; it will be our organization’s very first long term project with lasting positive impact on the lives of neglected children as well as victims of human trafficking.

Impact: The impact we aim to have with Magic Mongolia is two-fold. Not only will it bring direct attention and care to those living in the shadows, with no access to public services, but it will reduce the endless cycle of poverty and neglect and will allow the children to start integrating into society and growing up to be responsible, able citizens. The project will not only provide shelter, but it will also have on-site professionals who will help the victims find emotional healing through series of workshops and classes.

Outreach: As Magic Mongolia was created to provide protective services to children living in extreme poverty in Mongolia, it took us several months of strategic planning and research to decide on the ideal location of the Magic Mongolia campus to ensure we reach our intended population most effectively and efficiently. Therefore, after lengthy deliberation and research, the Lantuun Dohio Mongolia team has settled on the Bayankhoshuu region in Ulaanbaatar, an overpopulated, over-polluted area with nearly not enough resources such as public schools and kindergartens to serve the needs of all the district’s citizens. As such, we believe we can serve the most amount of people who need our help the most there.

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Lantuun Dohio works to eradicate human trafficking and protect children from violence,
neglect, abuse and exploitation in Mongolia and around the world.