Lantuu huu


Lantuun Dohio NGO created the first Mongolian superhero, Lantuu Huu (Lantuu Boy) to safeguard children from cyber crime and to teach children to protect their right to be safe from violence against them.


Online usage is especially common among young people in Mongolia while “proper usage” of this technology is evidently lacking with approximately 200’000 adolescents that use online technology daily in Mongolia without filtering or adult supervision. As traditional crimes transition into more cyber-related crimes, children are the important demographic that needs protection from violence and human trafficking, but the most difficult group to provide preventive and cautionary information. Being one of the vilest crimes in our society, human trafficking is usually well-organized and committed discretely. Many people mistakenly think that human trafficking can only happen by kidnapping in “scary vehicles”; this is not representative of the truth about how human trafficking actually happens. This is why the general public – especially young children – should be provided with as much information as possible. However, the harsh realities of the crime may be too gruesome for people to wanting to learn more about it.


Lantuu Huu, the first Mongolian superhero was created in order to teach children to use the internet appropriately and help them understand the potential dangers of connecting with the online community by explaining those dangers in an affable way. The superhero allows the Lantuun Dohio NGO communicate better with children about the prevention of violence and human trafficking through language they would understand. This project strives to produce positive results within 10 or more years. The main focus group started with young children, but communication effort stretches beyond to older generations by easy-to-understand methods at different levels including comic book publications, story development with Lantuu Huu’s friend Shuuderhen, etc.


The first project was the creation of the comic book called “Lantuu Huu’s Lessons”. For example, one comic book describes how children use the internet inappropriately and presents situations where a child is placed in 3 different dangerous settings. Ultimately, Lantuu Huu then helps children by giving them advice about how to use the internet appropriately. In addition to comic books, Lantuu Huu has his own interactive website where children anywhere in Mongolia can access for free to access wholesome online activities, read comic books about Lantuun Huu lessons and also report an incident of any crime or violence against them anonymously in the “Reporting child” section.

Moreover, Lantuu Huu mascot actively participates in various children’s events to raise awareness among children that they can turn to Lantuun Huu for protection and preventive information. Lantuun Huu merchandise pen holder, key chain, fridge magnets are sold to raise funds to finance the project as well as build brand awareness in general public.

The creators of Lantuu Huu project, Lantuun Dohio NGO, is not sponsored by any official professional entity. However, they hope to gain support from anyone who love children and are passionate about their safety and well-being.

Lantuun Dohio USA NPO

Lantuun Dohio works to eradicate human trafficking and protect children from violence,
neglect, abuse and exploitation in Mongolia and around the world.